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What is Towerly?

Towerly is cloud based platform that caters to the needs of the Telecom industry. It specifically addresses the needs of the Infrastructure Provider, like the tower company and the operator or the service provider For a service provider the Towerly offering aims to reduce the time taken in decision making of infrastructure choice. For a infrastructure company, the Towerly offering with its pictorial view of the geographic, and demographic data, aims to provide a holistic view of the inventory holding and attempt to optimise its tenancy. Towerly is available in different packages based on the needs of each tower company or service provider.

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What does Towerly do?

What it provides to the Infrastructure company ?

Tower Company

  • It provides a platform to host the towers and provides a holistic view and vital parameters of structural, geographic and tenancy details at the click of a button
  • It provides a dashboard metric that provides data that helps in decision making
  • A pictorial view of each site that provides deeper insights into the site
  • A panaroma view of the site that provides a 360 view of the surrounding cell-site
  • Tooling that will help you assess the feasibility that provides the line-of-sight
  • Share this data and tooling available to your customers
  • Interact with your customers through this single software platform

Dark Fiber

  • Host the dark-fiber network
  • Share your dark-fiber network data with your customers and make your network visible and marketable

What it provides to the service provider ?

  • Captures the network and all the associated parameters
  • Get a view of both the back-bone network and radio network
  • Host the vital parameters of the site and make the information available to the field to take action on
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Why Towerly?

  • Easy packages that suits the needs of different tiers of providers

  • All the IT needs are taken care by us, all you need is a browser interface to interact with the software

  • New features that are added are made available to you immediately

  • Pay only what you use for

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